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Fundraising is a crucial part of your Goin’ Bald for Bucks efforts. When you go bald, you are on a fundraising mission to support critical cancer research and patient support programs at Roswell Park. We are committed to helping you reach your fundraising goals with helpful tips and tools.


Kickoff Donation:

Start by showing your commitment to the cause and make your first donation to yourself. By donating to your own efforts, you are showing potential supporters that you are truly committed to the cause. Your donation can also inspire others! Ask your friends and family to show their support by matching your donation!

Personalize Your Fundraising Webpage:

When you registered, a fundraising dashboard was created just for you. Now it’s time for you to personalize your photo and story! Take a few minutes to reflect on why you are Goin’ Bald, and add it to your page. Then add a photo – maybe a “before” picture of your long locks. Everyone that you ask along the way will visit your page and be able to see why you are snipping, clipping or shaving it all off.


Expand your network:

Start with the obvious donors: your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. But don’t stop there! Consider asking the following groups for their support:

• Your colleagues
• Your classmates (past or present)
• Members of your place of worship
• Members of any clubs or organizations you belong to
• People you visit often, like your doctor, dentist, hairdresser or coffee barista
• Anyone you’ve done a favor for

Use social media:

Post your fundraising goal, fundraising progress and thank donors on your social media pages. It’s a nice way to engage friends and recognize those who help you reach your goal. Download the Bald for Bucks cover photo to use on your Facebook page.


Know and emphasize the importance of Bald for Bucks donations:

Inform your donors why their support is so crucial to finding cancer cures and saving lives. Start by reading where the funds go and tell your donors how their support will make a difference. Share this video in emails and through social media to show how donations are used.

Send emails:

Email is a great way to communicate when fundraising. You can send and track emails directly through your fundraising dashboard. There are also pre-written emails that you can tailor to make your own. Visit your dashboard to start sending emails today.

Fundraising tools

Click here for more fundraising tools, including printable materials, and coming soon our mobile fundraising app.

Cash and check donations may be mailed to:

Bald for Bucks – Buffalo
P. O. Box 644
Buffalo, NY 14240

For checks: make sure the check is made out to “Bald for Bucks – Buffalo” and the participant’s name is listed in the memo field.

You can also use the Fundraising Donation Form to keep your donations organized or login to your fundraising headquarters to track your progress.


Every dollar makes a difference:

Goin’ Bald’s top fundraisers are successful because they think both big and small. They reach out to as many people as they can and set their goals high, but they also pay attention to the details. They develop and update a list of people to ask for donations, track their fundraising progress and make sure to thank their donors so they can go back to them the following year.

Don’t give up:

You won’t receive a donation from everyone you send an email to, but often, the second round of emails you send will be more successful. Be sure to send an email to everyone who didn’t donate the first time around to remind them you’re Goin’ Bald and that you’d love to have their support.


To thank you for all your hard work, we have some fantastic rewards for you when you hit these fundraising milestones. Thanks to our awesome partners, below is a list of the fantastic rewards that you can receive, or be entered to be a part of, because of your outstanding fundraising efforts. Take the extra step to be a top fundraiser.

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