News 4’S Katie Alexander is Making the Cut!

Cancer has touched the lives of so many people in my family, in my friends’ families, and around our community. Let’s join forces to fight back!

I will soon cut off nearly a foot of my hair LIVE on air during News 4 Wake Up to create a wig for someone fighting cancer. Together, we can use this opportunity to help find a CURE for cancer so someday no one will have to fight.

Taken from Katie’s blog…

I am very excited (and a little nervous) to cut off so much hair at once. But, as many of you may remember, this is not my first time donating. I’ve actually done it a handful of times at this point, but only for my last cut did I really realize the impact a hair donation can have. I last donated my hair in July of 2015. Like we’re doing this time around, I cut off my hair live on air during News 4 Wake Up. (Search Making the Cut on the WIVB website if you want to watch that moment) But I truly understood what my simple gift meant earlier that morning, when I walked into the station and found a note from a very dear friend who was working as a photographer at News 4 at the time.

David’s mom had lost her fight to cancer earlier that year. With his permission, I’m sharing with you what he wrote:
“While cutting your teases last night, I had to stop because I couldn’t see the computer screen through my tears.
I was with my mom when she got her wig after losing her hair. Seeing her light up while looking in the mirror is something I will never forget.
What you’re doing this morning is wonderful. I just wanted to thank you for doing it. I’m sure you already know this, but this means the world to women that have to go through this.”

To this day, I keep that note pinned to my bulletin board in my cubicle, and to this day, it brings tears to my eyes when I read it.
My heart aches when I think about the pain David and his family went through when David’s mom passed. I admire their incredible strength.
And I’m so grateful to David for pointing out a truth I didn’t really comprehend until that point: To me, what I’m giving is just hair. For the person who receives the wig — and, hopefully, a little hope and strength to keep up their cancer fight — it means so much more.

I am so thankful I have the ability to keep donating my hair. It grows so fast and, fortunately, my bosses have been supportive of me letting my hair go a little wild to get it long enough to give again. But, I want to live in a world where no one needs my hair. I want to live in a world where no one has to fight cancer because we’ve finally found a cure for this awful disease that’s left so many holes in our lives and in our hearts.

Please make a donation today to help Roswell Park find a cure.