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The Ultimate Bald For Bucks Event Guide

Do you have a date for you Bald For Bucks event but don’t know where to start? Check out this blog for some guidance on the best event tips!

Step One: Getting Started

  • Create a committee– You can’t do this alone! Recruit teammates to divide responsibility and help making the planning process easier.
  • Brainstorm your tasks– You’re going to have many things to cover: decorations, music, stylists, recruiting, etc. It’s best to brainstorm what you’ll need so you can set deadlines.
  • Create that timeline- Set dates for when you want to have tasks completed. Once a deadline is set for each task, divide the work among committee members.
  • Get to work– After you’ve set your committee, brainstormed your tasks and created a timeline, it doesn’t hurt to host monthly meetings to make sure everyone is on track.
  • Building your audience– How many participants do you want? Who do you want to attend your event? Use social media to help you advertise and figure out your audience.


Step Two: Fundraising 101

  • Before your event – Personalize your fundraising page by adding a picture and sharing it on social media. Your fundraising dashboard has an email feature that can be used to ask for donations and to thank donors. You can also visit our website for printable materials like Bald For Bucks flyers, posters and notecards.
  • Event day fundraising- Just because it is event day doesn’t mean the fundraising stops. Put out a jar for general donations; offer face painting for a donation; create a concession stand with pizza, candy, and soda; or have a raffle. These and other ideas can bring in last-minute donations and add a fun twist to your event.


Step Three: Day of Event

  • Stay Organized– Make sure you are well-staffed for your Bald For Bucks event day. Create a supply list and “to dos,” and divide the tasks among your volunteers.
  • Take Pictures– A picture is worth a thousand words; make sure to take great pictures so these memories can share the success of your event on social media, in newsletters and emails. A picture is also a great way to thank your donors!


Step Four: Wrap-Up

  • Say thank you– Express your gratitude to your participants, volunteers and donors by sending personalized thank you notes, emails or photos. Be sure you thank everyone for their hard work and efforts in putting on a great event.
  • Turning in donations– If you have any day of or online donations to turn in, you can drop them off at our office or mail in a check. You can even set up a check presentation with a big check so everyone can see the final donation amount.


We hope these were helpful!


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